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The Dysphagia Game is designed to introduce key facts and practical advice that will help frontline staff in any setting to recognize and manage dysphagia more effectively.

The game includes a set of questions and picture cards devoted to the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) Framework. The game can help you implement IDDSI in your organization and train your staff more effectively.

How does the game work?

The game is very easy to set-up and all that’s needed is a space large enough for the board and the players. It works best with between 2-12 players divided into 2 teams. Games usually last 45-60 minutes, but you can make it shorter or longer depending on the time you have available.

Games can be run as an informal activity in the workplace, or as part of more structured training and workshops. The game does not require a facilitator with expert knowledge of dysphagia, and a facilitator’s role can be very ‘hands off’. However, a specialist facilitator may add depth to the learning.

The game encourages players to discuss a series of questions, allowing them to acquire new knowledge, share experiences, and learn from each other. These discussions are what make the game effective and help players to learn, so they should be encouraged.

What does the Dysphagia game teach?

The game will help participants to learn about:

  • Prevalence, causes, and impact of dysphagia
  • Recognizing dysphagia
  • Reducing risks and improving management of dysphagia
  • IDDSI framework

The game contains 4 packs of cards:

  1. General questions – 41 cards that address a wide range of dysphagia-related issues.
  2. IDDSI questions – 24 cards that address the IDDSI Framework.
  3. Picture Cards – 10 picture cards that support the IDDSI question cards.
  4. Activity Cards – 8 cards that involve eating, drinking, and mixing. These are optional.

There are more cards in the box than would be played in 45-minute game and the organizer can choose a selection of cards that meet the specific training needs of the people playing.


We have created a simplified digital version of the board game that provides a preview of some of the questions included in the board game. You can view this on any device through any web browser, no visits to an app store. It’s 100% free to use. Just click and play:

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